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Want to make an easy commission straight from your existing website? It’s easy, become a Dorco USA affiliate!

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Dorco USA Affiliate Program:

Do you own or manage a web site, a blog or a social media page? Join Dorco USA’s FREE online Affiliate Program, and get paid for promoting and facilitating the sale of Dorco products via your site!

Through Dorco USA’s Affiliate Program, you earn a commission when someone enters through a link on your website and makes a purchase. It’s that simple. Standout creatives such as banners, logos and text links will be provided. All you have to do is choose which ones will work best on your site.

About Dorco USA:

Dorco USA is a leading online distributor of technologically advanced and superior quality disposable shavers, shaving systems and shaving accessories for men and women.

Since Dorco's introduction to the U.S. consumer via its ecommerce web site, the products have been widely praised as being superior in quality while offering huge savings when compared to leading brands. In some cases, Dorco's products can be up to 75% less when compared to the shaving products offered by Gillette® or Schick®. And through constant innovation, proprietary technology and exceptional value, the company’s mission is to deliver an unparalleled experience to its new customers in the U.S. This unique value-proposition message is at the heart of the company's slogan–Demand More For Less™.

So join the razor revolution, become a Dorco USA affiliate and watch your website's profits skyrocket!


STEP 1: Fill out a free online application

STEP 2: Once approved, choose from a variety of Dorco USA creatives most appropriate for your site, allowing for optimized conversion

STEP 3: Your customers will click on our creatives bringing them to the Dorco USA ecommerce site. Once they make a purchase, you earn a commission!

Join the Dorco USA Affiliate Team. Apply Today!